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Puppy Enrichment and Socialization

Expecting a litter soon?

Do you want to stand out above the rest? Want new owners to create a buzz around you and your pups?

We offer a program specifically designed for breeders to help socialize your new litter to become the best new family members, show dogs, and everything in between. You’ll attract a higher quality of buyer and potential pup parents will be enamored with you calm, confident and comfortable puppies!

Our Program

Puppy Head Start

Program Length: 8 – 12 Weeks

Do you want to send home more easily trainable, more outgoing and calmer puppies? With our Puppy Head Start program you’ll impress potential buyers with puppies that have more self-control, focus, and will enjoy working with their humans!

What Our Program Includes

Weekly in-home sessions to teach and demonstrate socialization techniques, enrichment and desensitization.

Done-for-you enrichment sessions where you can also learn what puppies need to develop resiliency, trainability and friendliness to humans.

Sound desensitization sessions so the puppies don’t develop fears of household and outdoor noises.

Self control training so even at 8 weeks old your puppies will stand out as calmer and better behaved than other puppies their age.

Host a “Puppy Party” at your house where a select few, under our guidance, interact with the puppies to get them used to a variety of people.

*One week after first vaccinations


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