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Victoria D.

“Lisa taught me that patience pays off when working with such a soft fur soul. Lisa’s ability to relate to Vega [our dog] on a empathetic level helped me learn how to bond with her and in time she blossomed with confidence each class…We can’t thank Lisa enough for...

Stan W.

“Lisa helped me with my new pup Tater who was behaving in ways I just didn’t understand and frankly was frustrating me. She not only helped train Tater so that she now comes whenever I call, she sits, she stopped jumping and nipping me and she listens to me now, but...

Sabrina P.

"Lisa is such a knowledgeable, caring, and compassionate trainer. She carefully listens to all of my concerns and answers my questions with kindness. Most importantly, Lisa truly follows a positive, reward-based training approach. With a gentle but fun demeanor, she...

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