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Afraid Your Dog Will Never Learn?



Afraid Your Dog Will Never Learn?

Training your pup can feel like 1 step forward and 2 steps back some days, and we understand that can leave you feeling defeated. But don’t give up, we’re here to help!

Imagine a lifetime with a pup who not only listens to you, but loves to listen to you! Here at Relationship Revolution Dog Academy we believe when you put the relationship first, the rest will follow… and follow with less effort and with more fun.

Let us help you make training your dog an experience that you’ll both love as much as you love each other, and supercharge your results at the same time.

What We Can Help With…

Puppy Training

Are you waking up to potty accidents in the middle of the night? Or do you think you have a baby shark instead of a puppy living in your house? Join us at the Puppy Academy where we can help you and your furry bundle of joy train the “play” way!

Dog Training

Is your dog a little too excited to greet visitors? Are walks a lot more chaos than calm? Are you dreaming of a well mannered, relaxed dog? Join us at the Dog Academy and we’ll help your best friend learn their best manners and train the “play” way!

Specialty Training

Does your dog need a new outlet for some of their energy, could they benefit from more mental stimulation? Or are you a breeder who needs assistance socializing a new litter of puppies? Our Specialty Academy offers both dog sports training and puppy socialization programs.

Separation Anxiety

Is your dog at  your heels all day? Do they panic when you pick up your keys? Worse, are you coming home to destruction or a dog who’s harmed themselves? You may need Separation Anxiety training for your pup – and we can help. 

Are You an Oahu Dog Breeder?

Check out our Puppy Headstart puppy socialization program!


Victoria D.

“Lisa taught me that patience pays off when working with such a soft fur soul. Lisa’s ability to relate to Vega [our dog] on a empathetic level helped me learn how to bond with her and in time she blossomed with confidence each class…We can’t thank Lisa enough for fostering our interest in learning and growing with our Furhana.“


Stan W.

“Lisa helped me with my new pup Tater who was behaving in ways I just didn’t understand and frankly was frustrating me. She not only helped train Tater so that she now comes whenever I call, she sits, she stopped jumping and nipping me and she listens to me now, but she also helped me understand why Tater was behaving in certain ways and what she needed from me.“


Sabrina P.

“Lisa is such a knowledgeable, caring, and compassionate trainer. She carefully listens to all of my concerns and answers my questions with kindness. Most importantly, Lisa truly follows a positive, reward-based training approach. With a gentle but fun demeanor, she has helped me curb some of my dog’s unwanted habits during our daily walks, obtaining very positive results.

With Lisa’s help, walking my dog has become a bonding opportunity rather than a chore.”



The Play Way?